the anti-cat charm

A small company of mice are plunged into a world of danger and magic in The Deptford Mice Trilogy.
Follow the lives, loves and tragedies that befall them as they struggle to protect their own safe world against an almighty evil...

Make your own blood-curdling paper villian...
Download One-eyed Jake,
a vicious paper rat to cut out, colour and make.

make your own Morgan
Before the mice there were the Deptford Mouselets!

Let Fleabee be your guide in the first of a brand new series!

Discover the real world of The Deptford Mice in
The realm of the Green Mouse

Green realm button
Brass-maker button
Explore the craft and lore of The Brass-maker
Learn the secrets of the Green Mouse's powerful symbols of hope and magic.
Download Deptford Mice Wallpaper Bring the world of the Mice to your desk top!
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