' "Yonder is the divine hall of the many bat guilds," replied Eldritch importantly. "For ages uncounted have we met there in times of peril, though never has the danger been greater than now.."'

haunted power station

The ghostly spirit of Jupiter has returned, more terrifying than ever before. Bent on revenge, he smothers the world in an eternal winter of ice and snow.

Huddled around their fires, the Deptford Mice are worried: the mystical bats have fled the attic, and underground a new rat army is being mustered. With food short, and no sign of spring, the mice know that a desperate struggle confronts them. Few will survive.

The Final Reckoning is the last book in the Deptford Mice Trilogy, which began in The Dark Portal, and continued with The Crystal Prison.


'After the unfolding drama of the previous story I knew this one had to have a powerful beginning which dragged the reader onto a roller coaster ride that did not let up until the very last page.

The Starwife's manipulation of Audrey fascinated me. Everything she did had a purpose and though at times it might have seemed cruel, she knew it was the only way to save them.

Barker the barmy rat was a joy to write and his great secret was one I couldn't wait to spring. I think we'll definitely encounter him again one day.

Of course, in this book quite a few old characters make their return to Deptford. Piccadilly and Audrey are reunited, Old Stumpy is re-enlisted and the spectral terror of 'you know who' makes his abode in the deserted power station.'

The greatest problem of course is pointed out in the book. How do you kill an enemy that is already dead?

'Just before I began work on this book I invested in a word processor (before that everything had been written long hand) You can tell how pleased I was because, from this point on, the novels increased in length.

For reasons of space, chunks of the Holeborn sections were edited from the final text. A great pity as there were some old campaigners in the missing pieces who I was very fond of.'

The Characters

The Mice

Arthur Brown
Enjoys his food and tries to look on the bright side of things.

Gwen Brown
Caring mother of Arthur and Audrey. Her love for her family binds it together and keeps it strong.

Arabel Chitter
Silly old gossip who gets on the nerves of everyone in the skirtings.

Oswald Chitter
Arabel's son is an albino runt. Oswald is very weak and is not allowed to join in some of the rougher games.

The Holeborners
They live in the city and are governed by the Thane, a kindly wise mouse. Under him are the Ministers, who advise on all matters of everyday life.

A travelling pedlar who enjoys lewd songs. He helped Audrey and Arthur when they journeyed to Fennywolde.

A young foraging cadet of the city, he wants to be as brave as his hero Piccadilly.

A cheeky young mouse from the city, Piccadilly has no parents and is very independent.

Tends to dream. She likes to look her best and wears lace and ribbons. Audrey cannot hold her tongue in an argument, and often says more than she should.

Thomas Triton
A retired shipmouse. Thomas is a heroic old salt - he does not suffer fools gladly.

The other characters

A crazy old rat whom Piccadilly befriends, but there is more to Barker than meets the eye.

The Bat Elders
These are four wise old bats: Ashmere, wisest of councillors, Ingeld, Consort of the Lady, Heardred, Keeper of the Hidden Ways and Ohthere, Lord of Twilight.

The Green Mouse
The mystical spirit of spring and new life whose power wanes in the autumn and dies when winter sets in.

The evil spirit of the hideous sewer Lord has returned. He has cheated Death and now wants revenge..

A fat rat with sharp fangs, he only opens his mouth when there is something to put in it.

Old Stumpy
A newcomer to the underground regions of the city, no-one knows where he has come from, but he is stirring the harmless rats to war.

Orfeo and Eldritch
brothers who can see into the future, they live in the attic and give confusing advice to the curious.

A snotty-nosed follower of Old Stumpy and a nasty bully, only he and his mate Kelly know where Old Stumpy has come from.

The Starwife
An ancient squirrel who lives under the Greenwich observatory, she possesses the magical Starglass.

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