Make your own One-eyed Jake

model of One-eyed Jake

Your own One-eyed Jake to cut out and colour!

One-eyed Jake is one of the darkest characters in
The Dark Portal. Now you can have your own hench rat to paint and make for yourself.

One-eyed Jake can be downloaded as a black-and-white (.pdf) file which you can view and print using Adobe Acrobat Reader. (You will need this program installed on your computer.)

Click the button below to visit the Adobe web site and download your copy of Acrobat Reader.

If you already have Acrobat Reader installed;

DOWNLOAD OneEyedJake.pdf (343KB)

Permission is granted to duplicate additional copies of OneEyedJake.pdf, for personal use only! This work must be duplicated in its entirety, and may not be modified, re-published, or sold under any circumstances. This work remains at all times the copyright of the author Robin Jarvis, 2016.



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