During the magical time of the Great Spring Festival, when all mice celebrate the end of the cold months and look forward to the warmer days ahead a very special, and sometimes magical, ceremony takes place.

The Anti-Cat Charm

The Anti-Fox Charm
The Anti-Owl Charm
The Cheese Charm
The Sign of Family
The Sign of The Fieldmouse
The Sign of Hope
The Sign of The Housemouse
The Sign of Bravery and Courage
The Sign of The Maker
The Sign of Life
The Sign of The Travelling Mouse
Upon this most holy day mousebrasses are given to those youngsters who have come of age and these shining amulets are treasured by them for the rest of their days. Fashioned by the local brass maker, these charms are important symbols to all mice and the talismens they are given can often change their entire lives.

Perhaps the most marvellous event to be recorded at the time of the Great Spring Festival was the appearance of the Green Mouse himself to Audrey Brown to present her with a very special mousebrass from his own shimmering coat. Recorded here are just a few of the traditional charms to be found in the mice communities.


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