'Suddenly he broke into a wild panic-stricken run deeper into the field, not caring where he went just so long as he was away from the horror which lurked in the suffocating mist...'

Akkikuyu's crystal

An innocent young mouse lies murdered in a moonlit field, as the screech of an owl echoes across the ripening corn.

It is summer. Newly arrived in the countryside from the horrors of Jupiter's lair, the Deptford Mice find themselves embroiled in a series of horrible murders.

At first the simple country mice suspect Audrey - but the truth is far more sinister...

Book One of the Deptford Mice - The Dark Portal - told of the terrible Jupiter, Lord of the sewers. Here begins their second startling adventure..


'For this story I wanted a change of pace, slowly building up an atmosphere of tension and fear. I was particularly pleased with the murderer (not giving the identity away for those of you who haven't read it yet) who lurked in the cornfield.

Madame Akkikuyu really came to the fore in this one, I loved writing for her. For a rat she was actually a very complex character. Having lived a wretched existence, all she ever wanted was to be free and happy in some sunny place with the one person she thought was her friend. I enjoyed developing Mahoot the owl as well and it was great fun when the two of them met, giving Akkikuyu her finest moment.'

'Fennywolde was based on the fields of a farm I used to play in when I was young. Everything in the book was there, the meadow, the ditch and the pool surrounded by trees. It was a perfect setting for the mice's second adventure and made a refreshing change from the sewers.'

The Characters

The Mice

Audrey Brown
Tends to dream. She likes to look her best and wears lace and ribbons. Audrey cannot hold her tongue in an argument, and often says more than she should.

Arthur Brown
Fat and jolly, Arthur likes a scrap, but always comes off worse.

Gwen Brown
Caring mother of Arthur and Audrey. Her love for her family binds it together and keeps it strong.

Arabel Chitter
Silly old gossip who gets on the nerves of everyone in the skirtings.

Oswald Chitter
Arabel's son is an albino runt. Oswald is very weak and is not allowed to join in some of the rougher games.

A cheeky young mouse from the city, Piccadilly has no parents and is very independent.

Thomas Triton
A retired shipmouse. Thomas is a heroic old salt - he does not suffer fools gladly.

Madame Akkikuyu
A black rat from Morocco. She is a fortune-teller who wanders around selling potions and charms to gullible customers.

A travelling trader mouse - he journeys far and wide selling his goods and singing lewd songs.

The Starwife
A venerable old squirrel who lives under the Greenwich observatory. Her motives are good but her methods are cruel.


The Fennywolders

William Scuttle or "Twit"
Twit is a fieldmouse visiting his mother's sister Arabel Chitter. Twit is an "innocent", and does not have a bad word to say about anyone.

Elijah and Gladwin Scuttle
Twit's parents, Gladwin is Mrs Chitter's sister but ran away from Deptford when she was younger when she found Elijah injured in the garden.

Isaac Nettle
A staunch Green Mouser. He is a bitter, grim figure but many of the fieldmice listen to his ravings.

Jenkin Nettle
A jolly mouse who suffers at the paws of his father.

Alison Sedge A country beauty who flirts with all the boys. She is vain and loves to preen herself.

Young Whortle, Samuel Gorse, Todkin, Hodge and Figgy Bottom
Five young friends who delight in climbing the corn stems and seeking adventure.

A wicked barn owl who loves mouse for supper.

Mr Woodruffe
A very sensible mouse who has been elected to the honourable position of The King of the Field.

Mysterious spirit of the fields who is trying to get free from limbo.

The Green Mouse
A mysterious figure in mouse mythology. He is the spirit of Spring, and of new life.

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