"...a big broomstick in the world of fantasy literature." The Times.

Come and see Robin in Cardiff and Oxford!
  Saturday 25 March 2017 Venue: City Hall, Ferrier Hall, Cardiff
Time: 4pm
  The Witching Hour
Tickets: £4

Author of the bestselling "The Whitby Witches" series, Robin Jarvis, returns with "The Power of Dark", an enthralling tale of magic and horror in which the last of the Whitby witches fears evil forces are at work to revive an ancient curse. Join Robin for a spooky witching hour and meet the evil witch Scaur Annie from "The Power of Dark."

Sunday 26 March 2017 Venue: Weston Lecture Theatre, Oxford
Time: 4pm
  Magic & Heroes
Tickets: £8

Master of the fantasy adventure genre Robin Jarvis and rising star Kieran Larwood talk about their latest stories of derring-do, suspense, danger and magic. Chaired by Damian Kelleher.

"The Devil's Paintbox", the second instalment of "The Witching Legacy", Robin's latest enthralling four-part series has just been published!
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