"...a big broomstick in the world of fantasy literature." The Times.

Come and see Robin in Edinburgh!
  Sunday 20th August 2017.

Baillie Gifford Corner Theatre, Charlotte Square Gardens,
Edinburgh, EH2 4DR.

2pm - 3pm. Tickets: £5. Age 10 - 14.
  Dark Forces with Robin Jarvis

Author of the bestselling Whitby Witches series, Robin Jarvis returns with The Devil's Paintbox, in which the discovery of a hidden paintbox leads to evil being unleashed. Robin teaches you how to create supernatural creatures and enchanted worlds in this enthralling event filled with magic and horror.

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Available now - a new terror is unleashed!



"What's your name?" Asked the woman.

"I'm, er, Lil. I think...Yes, Lil Wilson."

"And what are you doing here?"

"I've no idea!" cried Lil. "I know it's very important...
I just can't remember what it is!"

When Lil wakes up in a Whitby she has only ever imagined, she discovers that the sinister Mr. Dark is more powerful than ever before, and has enslaved young Verne to his will. Lil is determined to save her lost friend before their enemy unleashes his most despicable and insane plot yet - but first, she has to find him...


Continuing the spellbinding adventure series "The Witching Legacy" that began with book 1, "The Power of Dark" and book 2, "The Devil's Paintbox."

"The Devil's Paintbox", book 2 of "The Witching Legacy", Robin's latest enthralling four-part series is now available!
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