Wallpaper and downloads

Make your own Thorn Ogre of Hagwood

Portal wallpaper (Win 9x, MacOS)

The Dark Portal

Old red eyes, taken from the cover of the first UK edition.

Crystal Prison wallpaper (Win 9x, MacOS)

The Crystal Prison

Young Whortle in peril, from the first UK edition.

Alchymist's wallpaper (Win 9x, MacOS)

The Alchymist's Cat

The whisperings of Magnus Zachaire, captured from the first UK edition.

Hagwood wallpaper (Win 9x, MacOS)

Thorn Ogres of Hagwood

Snaggart, the thorny imp attacks Finnen Lufkin on the front of the UK edition.

Whitby wallpaper (Win 9x, MacOS)

The Whitby Witches

Nelda and the guardian of Irl from the first UK edition of A Warlock in Whitby.

Wyrd wallpaper (Win 9x, MacOS)

The Wyrd Museum

Let Gogus loose on your computer. From the UK edition of The Fatal Strand.

Click to download Whitby Witches wallpaper

model of The Alchymist's Cat

Make your own Alchymist's Cat.
Make your own One-eyed Jake from The Deptford Mice.

model of One-eyed Jake

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