"The darkness was choked with swirling debris, and other things that had been seized by the unnatural hurricane. Ancient coffins had been ripped from the exposed ground high above. They bounced down the collapsed cliff, rupturing and splitting open, spilling their occupants and surrendering them to the ferocious wind. Now dozens of nightmarish figures were flying in the sky. Old bones, some still wrapped in the tattered remnants of the clothes they were buried in, were whirling through the air like autumn leaves."

If you have read The Power of Dark , you will already know all about the cataclysmic events of that storm thrashed night. Now you can have your own sinister paper skull mask to cut out, paint and make for yourself.

The paper skull mask can be downloaded as a black-and-white (.pdf) file which you can view and print using Adobe Acrobat Reader. (You will need this program installed on your computer.)

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