Robin Jarvis - Deathscent; Intrigues of the Reflected Realm
'Across the stark heavens the mysterious object came blazing...'
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Deathscent by Robin Jarvis (UK cover)

Deathscent is the first title in
a startling new fantasy adventure series by Robin Jarvis.
Set within the uplifted isles of the Reflected Realm, where mechanical creatures have replaced living animals, the
forsaken manor of Malmes- Wutton nurtures a stranger who will change this wondrous world forever.

Hailed as a heavenly messenger, the stranded traveller alters everyone's lives, bearing unknown gifts, and secrets greater than even the wisest could possibly imagine.

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To the very throne of Englandia a hideous terror is taken and the heavens themselves are set ablaze.

Join Robin's new cast of fascinating characters, and walk beneath the leaded firmaments of the Reflected Realm.



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