Warlock in Whitby (header)

A Warlock in Whitby (cover)

Published in the United Kingdom by Hodder Children's Books

A hound of Crozier

"...the fish demon waddled through the hall, its mouth stained with dried blood and its fins flexing in curiosity.."

fish demon captured on film

One cold November night, high on Whitby's abbey plain, a scale covered claw burrows out of the earth, and into the pale moonlight a hideous creature worms its way.
As the morning train stops at Whitby station, a mysterious man alights, and looks about him with keen interest...

On Whitby beach, Nelda the Aufwader waits, her heart filled with dread that a terrible doom is about to overcome her people...
In this second gripping book in the Whitby Witches series, Miss Boston, Jennet and Ben are pitted against a new and even more deadly enemy - but can they succeed a second time?

The second guardian of Whitby
Robin Musings

'Whenever I wrote about Whitby I always went there to absorb the haunting atmosphere of the place. During one of these visits I saw a headline in the local paper, "Missing Cats Mystery" which got me thinking on a tangent and that's how the fish demon evolved. I thought it would be a lovely irony for a fish to eat a cat. I actually put the headline from the newspaper in the book as a thank you.

The fish demon became one of my favourite elements, but when I suggested putting him on the cover, the publishers thought the image might be a bit too horrific. Now, after 8 years he's finally going to be put there when the rejacketing happens in a few months time, so watch this space!'

'After publication of this book I received a letter from someone who was investigating serpent cults. He was interested in what I had uncovered about Whitby and wanted to know if he could use my research notes in order to further his investigations. Sadly I had to write back that there had been no research into a genuine serpent cult in Whitby, the Morgawrus of my novel was a complete invention. I hope I didn't disappoint him too much.'

'The fish demon was real though...'

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