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Published in the United Kingdom by Hodder Children's Books.

Cover illustration
Leonid Gore.

'The moles came bearing their lamps and then the most ancient and magical creature that ever danced beneath the moon was lost in darkness once more....'
Hrethel  consulting the Book of Mystery
It is a time of magic, and a time of darkness. The fierce wars between the bats and the squirrels have been raging for many years, but tonight the battle for power takes an extraordinary new twist.

The Starwife, leader of the black squirrels, lies dying; before she can name her successor, she is betrayed and poisoned by her trusted handmaiden.

As the vicious bat army launches a devasting attack on the starwife's realm, the squirrel leader staggers to a window and calls for aid...

In a different corner of the land, Vesper the young bat and Ysabelle the Squirrel maiden are as yet unaware of the events that will sweep them into a nightmarish journey to save their kind from destruction...

Robin Musings

'I really enjoyed writing this one, especially as it started off with such a bang, I don't think there's been a higher death count in one of my opening chapters. Throughout The Deptford Mice there was mention of an old conflict between the squirrels and the bats - I wanted to finally tell that story properly. Strangely enough, when it came to creating the cast of characters, the first ones that I drew were Giraldus, the leprous mole and Tysle his shrew friend. I loved them best of all, which might surprise those who have read the book. I was also very pleased with the Hobbers, they were all so vile and despicable.'

'Ysabelle is not the Starwife we encounter in The Deptford Mice, there have been a few who have worn the silver since the daughter of The Lady Ninnia. Incidentally, I don't know if anyone noticed, but a tree features in every chapter title in this book.'

The Characters

A young bat, eager to prove himnself in the approaching war who believes that all squirrels are evil.

A Knight of the Moon, he is the bats' greatest warrior and hero, having fought in countless battles against the despised squirrels.

Lord Hrethel
As Warden of the Great Book, Hrethel inspires the bat host to wage war upon the squirrel houses.

The arch traitor of Greenreach, whose name is forever accursed.

The young squirrel maiden, daughter of the Lady Ninnia and heiress of Coll Regalis. She has been taught to put duty before all else and her head rules her heart.

Lady Nimia
Wise ruler of the Hazel realm who wears the bronze hazel about her neck.

Ysabelle's mouse nursemaid. She is an anxious little body, much given to fretting.

Wendel Maculatum
A talented stoat jester who is embroiled in the dramatic events at the time of Aldertide.

Godfrey Gelenos
One of the wise, elderly counsellors of Coll Regalis who taught Ysabelle all the traditions of the Hazel Realm, he is never seen without a scholarly parchment tucked under his arm.

A frightful, greedy hedgehog and member of the dreaded Hobber cult.

Tysle Symkyn
The lame shrew companion of Giraldus. Tysle was discovered by the mole after the Hobbers massacred everyone in his settlement, he is steadfast and true but far too trusting.

A leprous mole who is on a pilgrimage to Greenreach in the hope of receiving a cure from the Green Mouse. His great friend is Tysle and depends on him for almost everything.

Fenlyn Purfote (Fenny)
The fierce mouse captain of the woodlanders who has taken oaths to rid the forest of the Hobb cult.

The Ancient
The messenger of the Moon goddess, the oldest and wisest creature to have ever lived.


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