The Mouse (sign)
The Mouse
6th June - 13th June

The Mouse (star map)

The moon leaves the house of Hobb and enters the sign of The Mouse Although the time of The Mouse endures for only eight days it is an extremely ill omen to bear offspring in this period which is not governed by any of the Raith Sidhe and brings nothing but shame upon those who do.

Known by many base, scornful titles; "Runt time", "Sickweed", "Milkmites", "Gnatbrat" and "Shrimpspawner" to name but few, a ratling born now is seen to be weak and cowardly, never rises in the ranks and is always spat upon.

Fearing such reproach for her child, a ratwife will induce labour before "The Claw" sign is ended or strive to hold onto the unborn child until The Mouse is over. Yet many have also murdered their "Sickweed" young or left them exposed for the crows to peck, rather than endure the stigma of being a "Milkmite" mother.

Because of the disgrace that this time bestows, there are no infamous rats recorded here although it was always rumoured in the City that Barker was a "Gnatbrat". This was later proven to be very far from the truth.


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