The Festival of First Blood is approaching and Fleabee, a young ratgirl faces a difficult choice. She must KILL or be KILLED. This is the will of Jupiter, Lord of all rats. But Fleabee is unlike the rest of her kind. She is soft-hearted and unable to harm anything. Then Madame Akkikuyu fortells a different path for her.
Fleabee's destiny lies elsewhere, in a world of magic and peril...
A young ratgirl who is unlike the rest of her kind. She cannot bring herself to harm anything and spends her days dreaming.  
  Mother of Fleabee and Scabmona. She is a typically ugly ratwife who likes nothing better than to start an argument.
  Father of Fleabea and Scabmona.
He is a lazy good-for-nothing, and a perfect match for Scabmona.
  Fleabee's younger sister, she is a true rat of Deptford and a real terror. She cannot wait to peel her first mouse.  
  Flake's unpleasant young nephew. He has the longest tongue anyone has ever seen.  
  A piebald Cornish rat. He is Jupiter's lieutenant and one of the worst villains in the sewers.
  A crony of Rancid Alf. He has a remarkable skin complaint and is always scratching.
  One of the few rats who can read. He keeps the book of Ratiquette in which all Jupiter's laws are written down.
  A sour-faced grumbler who never smiles.
  A rat with a dreadful squint. He and Vinegar Pete are always muttering to one another.
  A young Grey squirrel from Greenwich. Grey squirrels are jittery and nervous, and Ambrose is no exception.
  An escaped hamster with big theatrical ambitions and an eye for flamboyant detail.
  Gerbil Brothers from Mongolia who escaped from captivity with Nuff. They speak very little English but are excellent acrobats.  
  (Pronounced Rayth Shee) The three ancient Gods of the rats who ruled long before Jupiter crept into the sewers.For over a thousand years they have been sleeping, but now they are seeking a way back into the living world.
  The mysterious and fearsome God of the rats. He dwells in the dark portal and possesses awesome powers.
  A fraudulent fortune-telling black rat from Morocco. She specialises in peddling fake charms and potions.  
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