Published in the United Kingdom by Harper Collins Children's Books,
July 2011

In a grimy alley in the East End of London stands the Wyrd Museum, cared for by the strange Webster sisters - and the scene of even stranger events.

When Neil Chapman enters the museum,
he soon discovers it to be a sinister place crammed
with secrets both dark and deadly. Dragged back in tine
with a bizarre companion into a war-torn world, he is
charged with righting old wrongs.

But then Neil finds himself pitted against an ancient and terrifying evil - a malevolent entity which grow ever stronger and feeds on the destruction around it...

Robin Jarvis, invites readers to enter an eerie fantasy world in The Woven Path, the first book of his compelling Tales from the Wyrd Museum trilogy.

All readers will be drawn in by his gripping storytelling, distinctive in its combination of the fantastical with the seriously chilling.


' In almost every legend or myth there is usually a magical device involved, whether it be a cloak of invisibility or an enchanted sword but you never know what happens to those objects when the story is over. The Wyrd Museum is where they end up, all the supernatural trinkets are kept there, safely away from the ordinary world, yet the strangest and perhaps most deadly elements are the three old ladies who live there..."

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