Published in the United Kingdom by Harper Collins Children's Books,
October 2011

In a grimy alley in the East End of London stands the Wyrd Museum, cared for by the strange Webster sisters - and the scene of even stranger events.
Brought from the past, elfin-like Edie Dorkins is taken down to the cavernous cellars of the enchanted building and shown the oldest of all living things - the World Tree. For many ages the sisters have guarded it in secret, but now its very existence is in jeopardy.

For in the Separate Collection one of the exhibits is stirring, and with it an age-old quarrel is rekindled which divides the sisters. It is all the work of an ancient and powerful force intent on destruction, and Edie and Miss Veronica become its unwitting servants. Neil Chapman follows them to the mystical town of Glastonbury where, upon the tor, a nightmarish army is gathering. There is going to be a battle: a final desperate battle to save the world from darkness and evil.

Revisit the chilling, fantastical world of the Wyrd Museum in this sequel to The Woven Path.

  'Ideas pop into your head when you're least expecting them. I was in a shop in Rye when my attention was caught by a peculiar doll hanging on the wall. It was part crow, part woman, with twigs for hands and feet. As soon as I saw it I thought, "Wow - I wonder what happens to that when it gets dark?" because it looked capable of anything. The answer of course lies in this book, I always like to make a seemingly innocent object turn out to be really sinister and frightening.

In this novel, elements of Christian mythology are brought in contact with other beliefs. The ancient and magical town of Glastonbury is a place where that has been happening for centuries so it made a perfect setting for the final battle between the two forces.

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